Riccione Terme and Perle d’Acqua Park for a long weekend of sport, health, wellbeing and fun

Challenge Riccione, in collaboration with Riccione Terme, will unite a great international triathlon event with an opportunity to enjoy a weekend of relax and fun with friends and supporters.

Riccione Terme will be the general headquarters of the race and the great news is that Perle d’Acqua Park, the thermal wellbeing park, will open its Revitalizing Hydro therapy routes, the longest ones in Europe, in advance for this event. A unique way for athletes to cool down after the race and a gift of wellbeing for their supporters!

Four long thermal water therapy routes with wonderful hydro massages and different temperatures. Alternating between hot and cold water and the hydro massages positioned along the route help circulation and the muscles, keep the legs in perfect shape, tone them and drain all excess liquid. Done after the race it allows for a much quicker recovery with an incomparable cooling down effect.

The benefits of the hot thermal waters of Riccione Terme are a great ally for the enhancement of physical fitness and for post-race cooling down as well as a chance to completely relax and take care of your wellbeing.


A spa is the place of choice to meet the multiple needs of athletes, both at an amateur and competitive level. Riccione Terme with its sulphurous salty bromine iodic magnesium waters, is the “wellness paradise” of every sportsman. Here, guided and looked after by medical personnel and qualified operators, it will be possible to:

  • Take care of your health
  • Maintain an optimal physical form
  • Address injuries and microtrauma
  • Reinforce the Immune System and strengthen the respiratory functions
  • Relax after physical activity, also intense physical activity
  • Get ready for new athletic activities.

The Sensory Thermal Route is the ideal environment to relax or train with the help of a precious ally: thermal waters. Post-exercise muscle fatigue is treated by hot thermal waters, rich in mineral salts. The draining, anti-inflammatory, decontracting, decongestant and sedative properties of the mineral salts, which are naturally found in the thermal waters, are enhanced by the physical activity performed in the pools at different temperatures or, if needed, by individual hydro-kinesitherapy sessions.

The Thermal Vascular Path helps keep your legs in perfect shape, toning and draining them of excess fluids. Performed after the race it allows for a much faster recovery and because of its incredible anti-fatigue properties the muscular catabolites are drained much more quickly, leaving the legs relaxed and light.

The Veneziano cave, full of thermal vapors, and the Pompeiano cave, an infrared sauna with muscle relaxant properties, help contractures, soothe inflammation and promote full recovery after physical activity.

Who practices sport must breathe well and must therefore prevent colds and reinforce the immune system. The thermal inhalation therapies with the sulphurous saline bromine iodic magnesium waters of Riccione Terme are a good and completely natural way to treat the respiratory system, from the nose to the lungs.

Mud-balneo therapy, physiokinesi therapy, physiotherapeutic massages, tecar therapy, high-powered laser, ultrasound, magnetotherapy, iontophoresis, tens and electrostimulation complete the range of treatments offered by Riccione Terme for the maintenance and recovery of top athletic performance.

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