One lap of 1,9km. The start will be from the beach of Cesenatico.

Swim course


Challenge Cesenatico - bikeEntirely designed in the hills of Romagna, a region of breathtaking beauty located on the border between Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany. This unique route will captivate you, with its picturesque landscapes, the technical challenges and the festive atmosphere of which this land is capable like few others.

The start of the cycling course is scheduled from the Colonia Marina AGIP, located on the Cesenatico seafront, on Viale Carducci, near an area parallel to the sea and a short walk from the Parco di Levante.

After attacking the first few pedal strokes, the athletes will face a stretch of about 23 km entirely flat, which will lead them at Cesena to attack a 20-km loop that they will have to ride twice. The loop will be the hilly and rougher part of the course, with the attack of the first climb of about 2.5 km that will take them to the town of Montiano. From the top of the hill, a series of undulations will begin, quickly leading them to the second climb of the loop. This second climb in 3.5 km will take the athletes to Roncofreddo, facing a fairly challenging gradient. Descending Roncofreddo, they will ride the descent of about 7km to Longiano, to return to close the loop that will have to be repeated identically a second time.

Once the second lap of this loop is completed, the athletes will be asked to run the 27-kilometer section that will take them back to T2 in Cesenatico, passing through Gambettola and Gatteo. The return to the transition area will not be entirely smooth, as the athletes will have to pass no less than 6 overpasses before reaching T2.


The final 21km will be a totally flat multilap in order to allow athletes to express their full potential.
The finish area will be located inside Cesenatico’s Parco di Levante.