The great triathlon returns to the Riviera Romagnola with the first edition of Challenge Cesenatico

Challenge Cesenatico

The international middle-distance triathlon competition tagged Challenge Family will kick off in May, in the charming setting of Cesenatico

Cesenatico, October 19th – It will be held on Saturday, May 11 and Sunday, May 12, 2024 the first edition of Challenge Cesenatico, the middle-distance triathlon that is part of the prestigious Challenge Family circuit, which organizes more than 35 middle- and long-distance races each year in more than 27 countries around the world on all five continents.

The race was strongly desired by the Municipal Administration and Challenge Italy S.S.D. a R.L. who, with the support of ASD Triathlon Duathlon Rimini, have made a three-year commitment to bring back to the area a competition with an international scope and with a completely renovated course. The swimming course of 1.9 km will start from the beach of Cesenatico; this will be followed by the 90 km of the cycling course, currently being defined, which will include a long flat section in the initial and final parts of the route and a central part that will wind for more than 40 km in the hills of the hinterland, making the route quite challenging due to the approximately 900 m of elevation gain, but of great scenic appeal. And finally, the 21-km running fraction on the Cesenatico waterfront packed with spectators, completely flat to allow athletes to express their full potential. The finish area will be located inside Cesenatico’s Parco di Levante.

In addition to Cesenatico, the competition route will cross the Cesena area and the municipalities of Montiano, Roncofreddo, Longiano, Gambettola and Gatteo. The route covers many of the areas that were hard hit by last May’s dramatic flooding. The decision to involve these areas in the race route is aimed at bringing attention to these places and to help speed up the road and infrastructure upgrades that have been planned.

It will be a unique race, because unique is the territory that hosts it, with its many attractions: athletes will not only be able to swim in the calm waters of the Adriatic Sea, bike along scenic roads and run along the waterfront, but they will also enjoy the famous hospitality of Romagna and the excellent food and wine products of the area.

“We have been working for months – together with the DMO – to bring this event to Cesenatico, and we believe it can be the best way to open the 2024 season with a bang. Behind this choice there is a strong desire to further internationalize a destination like Cesenatico that is now recognized, and not only at a national level, for its focus on outdoor tourism and major sporting events,” the words of Matteo Gozzoli, mayor of Cesenatico.

Word to Alessandro Alessandri, Challenge Cesenatico Race Director: “We are very happy to once again have the opportunity to return with a new stage branded Challange Family, thanks to the Municipality of Cesenatico which believes that our new Event can be a great chance to take the name of the city around the world.

Challenge Cesenatico will continue to repropose what we have done well in recent years, with an international race with beautiful routes that offer the opportunity to cross the most characteristic places of our territory, a cycling fraction that will see the athletes start from Cesenatico and then cross the territories of Cesena, Montiano, Roncofreddo, Longiano, Gambettola and Gatteo, so a flat and fast first part, a more challenging central part with a discrete with elevation gain, and then return to the plains towards Cesenatico, where there will be the first swimming fraction, in the waters of the Adriatic and the final run on the seafront.

We will do our best to set up an Event that will remain positively impressed in those who participate, putting into practice what we are capable of, so the appointment is for the weekend of May 11/12 with the first Edition of Challenge Cesenatico 2024.”

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